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In the Beginning:

I fell in love with travel the moment my husband and I boarded our first plane together to Fiji for our honeymoon; the excitement, the anticipation, the adventure! What was the weather going to be like? Was it going to be unbearable? Humid? Did I pack enough? Did I pack the right clothes? Ah life's hard questions.

I remember coming up back from that holiday feeling recuperated, energised and ready to get back into running my business again, harder than ever; I felt physically, emotionally and mentally strong and I was ready to tackle anything that came my way-wonder women style!

From that moment on my husband I are made a promise to one another that we would take annual holiday trips to not only get away from my our busy life but to also go out and explore this beautiful world we live in.

Travel Writing- A Legacy and a Memory:

I received my first journal, from my sister in law, a couple of weeks before our 2014 trip to South Africa; it was a small journal with a big lion on the front cover. I didn't think anything of it when I received it; I'm constantly writing things down so I could always keep it and use it to take notes down, when I was in a meeting, or if I just needed to write random stuff down.

A week before our trip I was packing my bag and saw the journal sitting in my top draw and thought how good would it be if I just wrote down everything about our holiday- my emotions, my thoughts, our experiences. What if this could be a legacy and a memory I could leave our future children, something that could inspire and empower them and give them a taste of the world around them.

Work/Life Balance:

Writing not only gives me the opportunity to leave a memory behind it also allows me to promote a work life balance; statistically the human race is working harder than ever to pay there bills, buy their first home or even just put food on the table. What about if everyone was able to take time out of their busy lives to go and explore a city, state or a country- go and see the wild life in Africa, zen out in Bali, have a food coma in Europe or simply just run around like a hobbit in New Zealand. Travelling opens the human mind to history, culture, knowledge and perception; you don't need to wealthy (money wise) there are so many places you can visit on a budget; all you need is a passport, suitcase and a sense of adventure. Pick a country, find out all there is to know about it, save your pennies and go for it!

Life is just one big adventure; have fun, be safe and create amazing memories!


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